Clarks Hill Results - 1/7/2018


  Angler # Fish Big Bass Penalty Total Wt. Points Payout
1 Russell Clark 5 5.86   23.67 198 $610
2 Jonathan Botts 5 9.45   22.36 197 $448
3 Shane Abbott 5 4.73   17.56 196 $94
4 Truett Hill 4 4.32   9.38 195 WolfStone $25 0ff
5 Danny Ashley 4 5.45   8.54 194 ALX Hat $50 off
6 Evan Buller 5     8.29 193 Level Rod Hat
7 Chase Stewart 2 6.1   7.81 192 $0
8 Jay Treon 4 4.75   7.74 191 $0
9 John Wilson 2     4.76 190 $0
10 Steve Christie 2     4.73 189 $0
11 Rodney Chastain 1 3.83   3.83 188 $0
12 Jason Moyer 2     3.68 187 $0
13 Roger Farr 2     3.36 186 $0
14 Phil Morris 1     2.71 185 $0
15 Rodney Cromer 1     1.03 184 $0
16 Darren Taylor 0     0 50 $0
16 Jamie Satterwhite 0     0 50 $0
16 Brian Jones 0     0 50 $0

This was a cold day. Started out at 12 degrees and was at 34 degrees by the 4 pm weigh-in. Because of the cold we started out at 8am. Mostly sunny skies all day long and a wind out of the ESE at 5 to 10 mph. Clarks Hill Lake is at 9 feet below full pool with surface temp in the mid 40s. About six anglers were impacted by the cold temperature with boat problems. They ranged from battery problems to frozen shifter linkage, frozen steering and one frozen lower unit on the trip to the lake. Apparently the seals in the foot let water in and mixed with the lube. The cold ride at 12 degrees froze it and busted the lower unit housing.

There were 18 anglers fishing this Division 96 1-day qualifier tournament out of the Dorn Boating Facility near McCormick, SC.

First place, Russell Clark of Abbeville, SC had 5 fish weighing 23.67 pounds that was anchored by a kicker fish at 5.86 pounds. His total weight takes the lead for the Level Performance Rod Big Sack Rod. Russell caught his fish on jigs fishing rocks in the middle part of the lake. The combined payback for first place and first place option pot earned Russell $610.

Jonathan Botts of Abbeville, SC was second with 5 fish weighing 22.36 pounds which included the 9.45 pound tournament big fish. The big fish puts Jonathan in the lead for the ALX Rod Big Fish Rod. He caught his big fish on a Shad Rap fishing the upper part of the lake. The rest of his fish came on a jig and a medium diver crank bait fishing creek channels. Jonathan took home $448 for second place, second place option pot and big fish.

Shane Abbott of Ninety Six, SC took third place with 5 fish weighing 17.56 pounds which included a 4.73 pound kicker. Shane caught his fish on a jig fishing the lower part of the lake. He was targeting rocks and hydrilla. He won a total of $94 for third place.

Fourth place was Truett Hill of Laurens, SC with 4 fish weighing 9.38 pounds. Truett won a $25 coupon from Wolfstone Tungsten for his fourth place finish.

Fifth place was Danny Ashley of Donalds, SC with 4 fish weighing 8.54 pounds that included a kicker fish of 5.45 pounds. Danny won an ALX Rod Hat and a $50 off coupon towards the purchase of an ALX Rod.

Evan Buller of Lincolnton, Ga. finished sixth with 5 fish weighing 8.29 pounds. Evan won an Level Performance Rod Hat for his sixth place finish.

clarkshill 172018

Group photo from left to right: 1st place Russell Clark of Abbeville, SC / 2nd place and ALX Big Fish winner Jonathan Botts of Abbeville, SC / 3rd place Shane Abbott of Ninety Six, SC / 4th place Truett Hill of Laurens, SC / 5th place Danny Ashley of Donalds, SC.  / 6th place Evan Buller of Lincolnton, Ga.

russell clark 172018

1st place Russell Clark of Abbeville, SC 23.67 pounds.

r clark levelsack

Russell Clark's sack of 23.67 pounds puts him in the lead  to win the Level Rod for Level Performance Rods Big Sack of the Season. That kicker fish there was 5.86 pounds.

j botts 172018 alxbf

Jonathan Botts of Abbeville, SC took the lead on the ALX Rod Big Fish for the 2018 season with this 9.45 pound largemouth. Jonathan had a total of 22.36 pounds for a second place finish.

s abbott 172018

Shane Abbott of Ninety Six, SC finished third with 17.56 pounds. His big fish was 4.73 pounds.

172018 c hill group

This is most of the crew who fished today. The temp was 12 degrees when this photo was taken.


D96 AOY Leaders

G. Berry 1188
R. Manus 1182
J. Miller 1178
C. Stewart 1165
A. Lake 1159

Congratulations to George Berry 2018 Season D-96 Angler of the Year

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